Tulasidalam Spiritual Yoga Community

Tulasidalam Yogashram

  • is a Spiritual & Yoga Family ( Community).
  • The teachings here are guided by Sinduma on Yoga , Bagawad Gita & Patanjali Yogasutras..
  • This Ashram is open only for the members. It is for the purity of the ashram ambience and for the well being of its inmates that the Lifetime membership program was found. Life Membership Donation: 1050 euros (2017)
  • This is the one and only ashram and yoga centre internationally offering these facilities for its valued spiritual seekers. The science and art of Spirituality and Yoga is not for the purpose of gaining money,it is for the service to humankind through sharing.
  • This program is unique as it also offers the facilities to complete a RYT YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL 200hrs. YOGA TEACHER TRAINING PROGRAM and opening the doors of missionary profession.
  • Again it is unique offering the facilities of YOGA IMMERSION which will open the doors for the existing Yoga teachers to join the
  • The Yoga sessions are free for lifetime at Tulasidalam.
  • Also open is the facility for attending the SPIRITUAL EMERGENCE Sessions. Spiritual discourses on science and philosophy.
  • The ESSENCE of the PATH Of YOGA here is that of service and PEACE. Attending the above courses opens the path to the Art of Living Yoga. It vows to keep the intergrity and unity as a yoga family.
  • There is always the light of guidance to show you the path (in YOGA, SPIRITUALITY & LIFE). This is truly a LIFE GUIDANCE program, a PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT program. And all at cost of humanity , love and sharing. Each member of this yoga family is a testimonial to this truth.( how much we normally pay for therapies and PDPs!!)
  • By joining as a member you also become a part of service to old women and children. The monthly pension schemes for old women, medical support systems , educational support for girls and house maintainence support for single women are some of the ashram activities along with employement.
  • The ashram has accommodation for 10 people at a time. All the facilities are on shared basis( 2 -3 sharing).
  • VOLUNTEER SERVICE (SEVA)is accepted from members.
  • The ashram is held as an organic farm. The enviornmental prospect is to support recreation of forest. Nature is in abundance of blessings. Love and respect nature and it will surely reciprocate.
  • Intergral supportive system as in a family unit with abundance of love and care..no judgements..no competition..but to exist in the strong humble hands of love..of ONESELF and for others.
  • The basic structure of the ashram and community is found on ‘Sanatana Dharma’ . The teachings are open to all religions and philosophies… Sinduma says, ” Enough of divisions.. we are aware.. do not think that you will have the power over us,our humanity, by dividing us .. we are not blind .. throw away the darkness of ignorance to arise to the light of knowing and unity. We will not let money and power to blind us and make us divide even the word of YOGA. Let us rise to the service.. to oneself to our kind Let us all grow together in LOVE”.
  • Sing and Dance… life is here and now… LIVE. This is the mission
    and PEACE is our being. SALUTATIONS TO SINDUMA.