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Guiding 52 yoga teacher trainings and with more than 8000 hours of teaching !! a yogic soul.


The word yoga means union.
Union infinite.. a state without beginning or end.. ..
As all the great yogis and sages explain ..without seeds .. a state beyond words!! To experience!
Pranams to all those great yogis.. gurus as I move forward in this mission of Yoga.


Love and surrender to Thee.. supreme SELF.
Thy voice is ‘Aum’ the sacred syllable, thy presence makes you calm and peaceful,
radiates like a glow making you divine, to ask in wonder, Who am I?
It’s divine, being in SELF every moment, constant and calm.
The moment the presence of SELF is wavered from awareness, you start to feel the torture, a play of illusions and delusions!
When you are blocked from SELF awareness, you stop from doing what your true nature is.. reach Thee from your heart.
Identify with the Consciousness, it’s the way to renounce the torture of tendencies.
Stay constant in your love for SELF. Thy voice, Thy presence is your normality!
Love for Thee is your celebration. Living through Thee is your enjoyment. Surrender to the supreme SELF is your renunciation.

To dissolve in…. is Union.. YOGA.

As every New Day approaches, the beautiful meadows of our mind are in blooms, brimming in bliss.
Springing from deep within us, new hopes, new dreams fill our hearts. There is a child in every one of us who loves and celebrates the beauty, the wonder of everything new. This love and celebration if carried through every year, month, week, day, every hour to every moment!! You are blessed!!
Look back into your past years not to refuse or reject, but to enjoy looking forward in life, with more awareness, a gift of our past. Let’s walk from the anxiety and fear in the past, through the desires and anger of the present to that of bliss, transcending to the state of awareness and enjoyment.
Life is a simple state of calmness and enjoyment. But we tend to identify more easily with mind.. ego.. emotions.. intellect.. analysis.. making life complex and complicated to reach a stage wondering about the simplicity and the calmness we lost!! No.. it’s not lost but hidden by the turbulent waves of thoughts in the vast ocean of your mind. So reach for it .. But how??

Let’s hold our hands, hold trustingly,
like a toddler.. walk….gurgling with wonder celebrating the freedom, the simplicity of living… in YOGA.
The first wonder as we walk the path of yoga is to be aware of our own physical and mental nature.

In this process of knowing… be totally true and open to oneself. The state of co-existence of duality is the nature of creation. So know and understand the good and bad in you….maintaining equanimity. Only this knowing of one’s own nature can help us to know and understand deeper.. higher. Celebrate the peace and calmness that sprouts from this equanimity and tranquility as we move along into our spiritual nature.

(The words by Sinduma as taken down during a discourse.)


Tulasi Yoga Vision :


Q: An idea about the yoga teachings and Yoga Teacher Training Programs(Art Of Yoga path) at Tulasidalam?

Here at TULASIDALAM we practice Yoga as a continuous Path of transformation and  to evolve physically, mentally and spiritually. That is the reason why we are offering Yoga teacher training courses as a lifetime membership program rather than short term courses. Also by joining us for these program you are indirectly contributing to the old age women pension and medical pension programs run by the ashram.

Q: Can you detail the Tulasidalam Life time Membership Program?

We humans are at different levels and stages of spiritual transformation. Some of us are already aware of our own nature, while some have to be reminded to take a look at the personal nature and to become aware of it. So the practice of Yoga , holistic path is going to give the full true effect only on right guidance in accordance to your spiritual level and this might take time to settle in. So we opened the membership program.

Q: What are the benefits of such a program?

This helps us to keep the guidance authentic without losing the essence of the teaching and tradition. And the aspirants will not have to find money every time refresh the classes and mostly they will always get their Guru to support them through out.

Q: Why is it written hatha/ ashtanga for the program?

The first four principles of Ashtanga Yoga and hatha yoga itself are the same and they form the firm foundation to follow any other path of Yoga. So, as you move up the courses we offer, you become ready to follow any path of yoga in accordance with your personal nature under guidance.This program guides the Hatha yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Karma Yoga and Raja Yoga levels supported by Bakthi Yoga vision.

Q: So Ashtanga means not a style of practising asanas?

Ashtanga Yoga means the eight fold path of yoga as according to Patanjali, in which Asana is the third step.  The style of asana differs with each school, each master; it can be meditative, slow, rhythmic, powerful or dynamic. Which ever style is followed the postures should reach up to the stage of Asana bringing awareness of the annamaya, pranamaya and manomaya Koshas and helping to transcend these levels.

Q: May be I’m too old for Yoga?

Nobody is ever too old to follow Yoga. Maybe you mean you are too old to perform the asanas to perfection! But there is a lot more in Yoga, so don’t hesitate to know Yoga. It’s a way to peaceful existence!

Q: Is Yoga a part of Religion?

It’s not only a part of every religion but of the very SELF. There is no religion without you and Yoga talks only about YOU! Art Of Yoga path is the philosophy of a very systematic scientifically explained sequential progression of evolving and transforming to reach to the constant.

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